Nature & Art is the artistic platform, which gathers artists and theorists with a similar concept. The form and means of expression of all these artists are different, but the conceptual essence is the same. The forming of an intellectual microenvironment that gradually expands turned out to be the only way to survive in a cold macrosystem. The exchange of experiences, opinions, conversations, joint actions, exhibitions, theoretical texts, conferences, works in public space, site-specific works… To see one’s work through the eyes of others and to create together.

All that sounds like a utopia today, but we are trying and managing to achieve all that through the strategy of small steps, as quietly as the water that always finds a way through. This platform is not a rebellion, or a manifest, it simply is. Like any existence in nature. It exists. Within that strategy lies the radicalism of the approach, which does not define the new avanguard as another step forward, toward disaster, but rather a step back, toward nature. The conclusion can be drawn that the Nature & Art platform, by all its features, is collective conceptual artistic work.

Nature & Art Team