Throughout the history of mankind artists always have had a need to address the key issues of their epoch. One of the biggest issues of today’s man is his alienation from the nature, alienation from himself, from everything he is.

Art which is dealing with connecting man with nature is at the same time engaged and beneficial. It is not descriptive and it does not imitate. It is trying to be just like the nature. It arises just like the seasons change, just like the rain falls, just like earth breathes and trembles, just like the water quietly finds its own way through.

Duration, patience, pulsations. Cruelty, cold, scents. Surprises and joy of creation of something new, unexpected. Ignorance and meekness. Conciliation with ourselves.
Precondition for creation of such art is awareness that only compliance with rhythms of nature and by submitting ourselves to these rhythms we can achieve the harmony which reflects on works of art. This gnarly, cruel and live harmony is the base for this concept’s works of art.

Nature & Art was created out of silent need of some number of artists who have not accepted postmodern simulacrum and to create their art based on the elements of pre visual, archetypical, and non aestheticized although living in time of hyper production, hyper information and hyper sexuality.This art is not opposite to anything. It is not rebellion, utopia and manifesto. It simply is. Just like any other existence in nature.

Artists: Clear Streams Familly, Kosta Bogdanović, Đorđe Stanojević, Son:Da, Milena Putnik, Radomir Knežević, Marko Crnobrnja, Milorad Mladenović, Branislav Nikolić, Vojislav Radovanović, Katarina Popović, Dušan Petrović, Tamara Vukša, Marko Vukša.