The methodology of my artistic practice focuses on the relationship nature – art – man. In this relationship, art takes on the role of medium in the severed connection between man and nature. The process of creation of a work of art is equated with a natural process, creating a whole new cultural model.

The doctoral art project Nature and Art as a Possibility of Radical Artistic Practice analyzes the logic of emergence of the need for this kind of artistic practice in history and represents the methodology of my artistic research, which is a consequence of perception of the time we live in. In this research I gradually reach the term “paint by nature” which arises as a definition of my artistic methodology. After that, I thoroughly analyze the process of development of that concept until the exhibition Light Collectors at the gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, which is also my final doctoral artistic work. In this process I used the historical, comparative and introspective methods of research.

The focus of my interest starts from the mid-19thcentury, when the logic of the time we live in was formed. I successively explore the relationship between the unfolding of historical events and scientific discoveries and the concept of art I am focusing on. I analyze in detail the artistic movements and individuals who are part of the development of the nature concept.

After a detailed analysis of the logic of the time we live in, I present the artistic methodology that is a direct reaction to it. This logical foundation of the artistic concept I focus on represents the core of my doctoral art project. After that, I thoroughly analyze the evolution and process of creation of my works, the concept and methodology of which are a direct reaction to the time we live in.

Keywords: nature, art, process, paint, soil, snow, rain, sun, color, energy, Osecina.

Djordje Stanojevic, 2017